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Involves a change in the composition of a nucleus and can evolve or absorb an extraordinarily large amount of energy.

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The number of repeating corresponding points on a wave that pass a given observation point per unit time.

Acetic Acid

CA3COOH, clear, colorless liquid, pungent odor. Boiling point 140C, flash point 54C (closed cup), autoignition temperature 38OC.


The buildup of a product of oxidation or a reduction of an electrode, preventing further reaction.

Band Theory of Metals

Theory that accounts for the bonding and properties of metallic solids.

Lewis Base

Any species that can make available a share in an electron pair.

Bronsted-Lowry Base

A proton acceptor


A device used to measure the heat transfer between system and surroundings.

Spectrochemical Series

Arrangement of ligands in order of increasing ligand field strength.


Structures of a compound that differ by the extent of rotation about a single bond.

Emission Spectrum

Spectrum associated with emission of electromagnetic radiation by atoms (or other species) resulting from electronic transitions from higher to lower energy states.