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A device for accelerating charged particles along a spiral path.

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Cis-Trans Isomerism

A type of geometrical isomerism related to the angles between like ligands.

Actual Yield

Amount of a specified pure product actually obtained from a given reaction. Compare with Theoretical Yield.


A natural deposit containing a mineral of an element to be extracted.

Composition Stoichiometry

Descibes the quantitative (mass) relationships among elements in compounds.

Molecular Formula

Formula that indicates the actual number of atoms present in a molecule of a molecular substance.

Law of Combining Volumes (Gay-Lussac's Law)

At constant temperature and pressure, the volumes of reacting gases (and any gaseous products) can be expressed as ratios of small whole numbers.


Differential Thermometer

A thermometer used for accurate measurement of very small changes in temperature.


Liquid triester of glycerol and unsaturated fatty acids.

Tyndall Effect

The scattering of light by colloidal particles.

Nodal Plane

A region in which the probability of finding an electron is zero.