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It's getting close to New Years and many people are starting to think about how to lose those extra pounds they managed to gain over the holidays. There are many sorts of diets and fads that have developed over the years from cutting carbs to cutting protein. Everyone has their own opinion as to which one is healthy or not and which produces the best results. There is one thing that almost every can agree on. That being high sugar and caffeine products like sodas are not good for you, but those are not the only dangers found in food and beverages.

As with almost everything that's not good for your body, soda can also be the hardest thing to give up. The solution many people come to is to turn to diet versions of their favorite drinks.

Although many people try to convince themselves that this is a good solution, everyone knows that diet sodas are still not good for you but do you realize how harmful diet soda actually can become and what sorts of dangerous chemicals they contain which could be harmful to your health? Consider a few of these following chemicals next time you decide to pick up a diet product.



This chemical is used as a sweetener in many diet products. It can appear on labels as E-951. With no virtually no calories and two hundred times sweeter than sugar, this chemical can seem like the ideal way to replace sugary products without giving up the taste. This is the case until you consider the potential link that has been found between this chemical and brain tumors and memory loss.


This is another food additive used in sweeteners. There has been much dispute about the actual health risks of this product but knowing that there is even a chance of it causing cancer, why would you risk it? Is cancer really worth it as a trade off for those few lost pounds?

These two chemicals are just the tip of the iceberg of unhealthy chemicals found in diet products. The list goes on to include food coloring, preservatives, taste enhancers, and chemicals that just accidentally get into food due to use in processing plants.

Consider these facts before you pick up that next diet soda and think that all your health issues will be solved by the few pounds you can shed. Be critical of what you eat and drink, and keep an eye out for any strange names in the ingredients list of your favorite processed foods.