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Can water burn?

It’s known that water consists of atoms of molecules of oxygen and hydrogen. Since any compound with oxygen indicates the ability of the substance to burn, water is no exception. Thus, water has a surprising property of already "burnt out" compound.

Have you ever encountered such a phenomenon as burning water? No?

But it turns out that if the conditions of a high temperature reaching several thousand degrees are created, the water, falling into the epicenter of the fire, begins to disintegrate into oxygen and hydrogen molecules participating in the combustion. This is taken into account by firefighters when they are taken for extinguishing burning plastic, fuel, which is heated to the highest temperature. In such cases, firefighters resort to extinguishing the fire with strong foam.

It is also known that in airplanes, in turbine engines, special sprayers are provided, which inject sputtered water into the source of local combustion. This is how the afterburner mode is created, due to which the combustion in the chamber increases, and the speed and power of the turbines increase. Such measures are considered temporary. They are applied only during the period of acceleration and take-off of aircraft.

Thus, water has the property not only to extinguish the fire, but also to burn under certain conditions.