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Salt and its use in everyday life

Cooking salt is a product that is available in every kitchen, and it’s not as simple as it seems. The history of this product shows that it was valued like gold.

There were salt riots. In some countries salt served as a monetary unit. Because of salt there were even wars!

Not everyone knows that in addition to their taste qualities, chloride sodium has a huge potential for various properties. It can fight with odors, moisture, stains – and this is not a complete list of what conventional rock salt is capable of.

Let’s talk about it!

Cooking salt and its use in everyday life

  1. Wiping the cutting board and hands with salt, it's easy to get rid of the smell of garlic and onions. Salt generally fights well with odors. You can prepare a natural air freshener with your own hands. Place on a plate orange peels with some salt and it will act as a freshener for a whole week.
  2. Salt perfectly absorbs moisture. In the cold season, when the windows "are crying", placed glasses with salt, they are good helpers in a fight with moisture. To clean the frozen glass from winter patterns, you can wipe them with a strong saline solution. Water freezes faster than saline, so you can sprinkle with salt paths near the house for safety in winter time.
  3.  Salt as a stain remover is not an invention. For leather furniture - this is a real find. It is necessary to put a moist salt on the stains, wipe, allow it to dry and then clean off. You can repeat this procedure if the strain is not completely gone. Soaking the curtains in the salt water before washing, do not be surprised at their cleanliness. A teaspoon of salt when washing colored clothes improves its color.
  4. In the summer, salt helps get rid of ants in the garden. You can sprinkle their trails with dry salt and spray the saline on the collection sites.
  5. Cleaning the oven is not a pleasant experience. Spilled salt in it will accelerate this process, and also remove all the odors.
  6. Glass and crystal dishes, porcelain will shine, if after washing you rinse them in salt water.
  7. Salt is used in folk medicine. The water in the hot water bottle will be hot longer if it adds a pinch of salt. You can rinse with a solution of soda and salt a sore throat, and wash the nose with the same solution when. The heated salt (in a frying pan or an iron) poured into a pouch or handkerchief can be used as a compress for warming up the nose and chest.
  8. In order for teeth to retain their whiteness, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. It is enough 1-2 times a week to clean them with the usual paste with the addition of a pinch of salt and soda.
  9. Salt is also a great remedy against pests if there is a need for storing croups and dried fruits. Bags, made of simple cloth, should be boiled in a very concentrated saline solution. Do not squeeze it before drying.
  10. If you add a spoonful of salt when cooking eggs and potatoes, this reduces the possibility that the peel or shell will burst.