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chemistry egg trick

The French have a saying: "You cannot cook an omelet without breaking eggs."Chemists hearing this proverb totally disagree. There is nothing easier than cleaning an egg without breaking its shell.
Probably our readers have already guessed how to do this, as it’s known that the hard shell of the egg is carbon dioxide, like chalk and marble.

It is only necessary to put the egg in a weak solution of hydrochloric acid. Of course, after dissolving the shell egg should be properly washed.

At the same time, there can be simultaneously dome another trick with a diving egg:

The specific gravity of a raw egg is slightly higher than the specific gravity of a weak hydrochloric acid. Falling to the bottom of the vessel, the egg is covered with bubbles of carbonic anhydride and floats to the surface. On the surface of the liquid, the gas bubbles come off the eggshell and fly away into the air, and the egg sinks again.

Such diving and the emergence of the egg will occur until the entire shell is dissolved.