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garnet minerals

The most famous type of garnet stone is pyrope (flaming). This is the "oldest of garnets", with a dense red color, similar to the grain of an edible garnet. Pyrope has a variety called rhodolite - a stone of dense pink or pink-purple color, which sometimes has the alexandrite effect and is used in elite jewelry.

The second type of pomegranate is the stone almandine, or "carbuncle". It is dark, violet-red or cherry-colored, very similar to the ruby stone.

Pomegranate called spessartine has gamma from honey-yellow to orange-brown. This stone of more than five carats is considered unique.

Grossular is another type of pomegranate. It has a rattle color. The color range of andradite varies from brown-brown to burgundy.
Uvarovite is one more type of pomegranate, the stone is named after the minerologist Sergei Semyonovich Uvarov. For the unique beauty of the mineral was called the Ural emerald.

And, finally, a demantoid, a favorite stone of the modernist era of the late XIX - early XX centuries. This unique, emerald-herbaceous mineral, completely transparent, is considered the most expensive of a large family of garnets. Karl Faberge appreciated much the green garnet stone from the Urals and used it in his famous masterpieces.