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Malachite egg

One of the most interesting and obvious chemical experiments is the experiment on the interaction of copper sulfate and calcium carbonate. The latter is contained in the shell of a simple egg, but copper sulphate should be searched in a chemical reagent store. This experience is simple, but effective and visual, and as a result we will get something beautiful.

Today we will create a real malachite egg! Of course, about "today" is said too loudly, because the experience itself will take several days.

So get patience and prepare the necessary ingredients.

To create a malachite egg you need the following:

  • One raw chicken egg;
  • A liter glass jar;
  • Simple clean water;
  • A little bit of plasticine;
  • Dry copper sulphate.

In addition, to work with reagents you will need disposable gloves, because copper sulfate is a poison and you should avoid getting it on the open parts of the body.

It should also be remembered that the most toxic copper sulfate is for fish, so the water after the experiment is not recommended to drain into a sewer or an open reservoir.

What should we do?

First we make two small holes in the egg from both sides and get rid of the entrails (just blow them out). We need an empty egg.

Pour into the jar approximately 0.5 liters of water and add 1 tablespoon of copper sulfate. Stir it well to totally dissolve.

Then put plasticine into the egg. It is only needed to "drown" the egg, not to let it float to the surface. So, you can use something else instead of plasticine. We use plasticine because it will not react chemically with vitriol, as it is inert in this case.

Now carefully, trying not to break, we lower the egg into the solution of vitriol. That’s all at this point. Today, the experience is over.

Just after an hour you will notice bubbles near egg’s surface. These bubbles are carbon dioxide which is produced during the reaction of copper sulfate and calcium carbonate. As a result of such process we get basic copper carbonate, which is also known as malachite. So in a week the egg will become greenish color and in about three weeks you will get a real malachite egg!

Just be patient and put the jar in a place which your kids and pets are not able to reach to keep it safe. Also when you will take the egg out remember to use spoon, but not bare hands.

This experiment is rather simple, but very interesting and useful and can be done at home without any special equipment.