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Ozone is widely used in various areas of our life. It is used in medicine, in industry, in everyday life.

The most common application of it is for water purification. Ozone effectively destroys bacteria and viruses, eliminates many harmful impurities, including cyanides, phenols, organic water pollution, destroys odors, can be used as a bleaching reagent.
Ozone is widely used in the chemical industry.

A special role is played by ozone in the food industry. Being a highly disinfectant and chemically safe agent, it is used to prevent the biological growth of unwanted organisms in food and on food processing equipment. Ozone has the property of killing microorganisms without creating new harmful chemicals.

Ozone promotes long-term preservation of the quality of meat, fish, eggs, cheeses. During the process of ozonization microbes and bacteria are destroyed, harmful chemical substances, viruses, mold, and the content of nitrates in vegetables and fruit is significantly reduced.

Ozone is successfully used in medicine. As a strong oxidizing agent, it is used for sterilization of medical devices.
Ozone has a high efficiency, destroying bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Ozone has a rapid and radical effect on many viruses, while (unlike many antiseptics) does not show destructive and irritating effects on tissues, since cells of a multicellular organism have an antioxidant defense system.

Ozonation of air helps to destroy hazardous chemicals (formaldehyde, phenol, styrene from varnishes, paints, furniture, especially particleboard), tobacco smoke, organic substances (of sources:  insects, pets, rodents), detergents and cleaning products, combustion products and burnt materials, mold, fungi and bacteria.

All chemicals that are in the air, reacting with ozone, break down into harmless compounds: carbon dioxide, water and oxygen.

Bactericidal effect

  • Ozone kills harmful microbes in the air for 99.9%.
  • Ozone kills the E. coli for 100%; copes with staphylococcus for 95.5% and eliminates golden and white staphylococci for 99.9%.
  • Ozone is also very fast and 100% kills intestinal bacteria in the water and Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Studies have shown that after 15 minutes of ozone treatment, harmful microorganisms in it are completely destroyed.
  • Ozone is 100% effective against the hepatitis virus and the PVI virus, 99% against the influenza virus.
  • Ozone destroys various types of mold by 100%.
  • Ozone dissolved in water is 100% cope with black mold and yeast fungi.