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If you have ever been bitten by a mosquito, someone nearby surely gave you an explanation of why the nasty insect decided to spoil your day. Maybe they told you that you smelt good, or you had a certain type of blood or that in that shirt you looked like a potential victim.

But the last one, incidentally, is no longer a joke - scientists believe that clothing can make you more attractive for mosquitoes!

According to statistics, about 20% of people have a special attraction for mosquitoes, and no one knows exactly why. It seems that it has a simple answer: the blood of these people has something attractive for mosquitoes. But mosquitoes are still actually attracted by the chemical signal from a body. 85% of people have this attractive signal. This can only explains why some people seem to be invisible for mosquitoes.

Another theory is that mosquitoes like darker or brighter colors. In other words, there is an almost proven theory that mosquitoes bite a person because they like his shirt.