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crystal glass

In order for the colored crystal to open in all its beauty and sparkle with every face natural light is required. Handmade crystal glass has specific tactile and aesthetic properties - it is pleasant to touch, it seems to radiate heat. To appreciate the quality and beauty of such things, of course, it is not enough to look at the picture.

But even then it becomes clear how the artist cared about the production of each item and how much the product of one brand can differ from the product another artist.

Invoiced crystal has the greatest artistic value. Such products actually have two layers of crystal - color and colorless. When the artist during the cutting of the finished product cuts the top layer of the overhead crystal, transparent faces are obtained.

This is the most expensive type of glass because, firstly, it is much more complicated by the technology of production, and secondly, its highly artistic cut can only be performed by professionals of the highest level - whose work turns each of the products into a work of art. With the jeweler's precision, only the artist can apply the decor with his own hands - cuts the top color layer to the border with the bottom blank layer. Because of this, a charming contrast and a magical color game appear.

Two-layer crystal is one of the tops of glass art. Each product of it is unique, majestic, possesses the enchanting magic of beauty, perfection and luxury. As well as a century and a half ago, the overhead colored crystal is a few hours of painstaking, skillful and hard work of highly skilled artists. Whether it's a glass, a vase, an ashtray, a basket, a dose or a decanter - they are all born by filigree joining of layers of transparent and colored crystal.