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Arrangement of ligands in order of increasing ligand field strength.

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Insoluble Compound

A very slightly soluble compound.

Metathesis Reactions

Reactions in which two compounds react to form two new compounds, with no changes in oxidation number. Reactions in which the ions of two compounds exchange partners.


Extensive Property

A property that depends upon the amount of material in a sample.

Voltaic Cells

Electrochemical cells in which spontaneous chemical reactions produce electricity, also called galvanic cells.



A measure of the intensity of heat, i.e. the hotness or coldness of a sample. or object.

Do you know: some mosquitoes bite people because of their clothes

If you have ever been bitten by a mosquito, someone nearby surely gave you an explanation of why the nasty insect decided to spoil your day. Maybe they told you that you smelt good, or you had a certain type of blood or that in that shirt you looked like a potential victim.

Spectator Ions

Ions in a solution that do not participate in a chemical reaction.


Consisting of only one element.

Standard Entropy

The absolute entropy of a substance in its standard state at 298 K.

Heterocyclic Amine

Amine in which the nitrogen is part of a ring.