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A white, needlelike, crystalline, water-soluble solid or syrup, C6H10O8, usually made by the oxidation of cane sugar, glucose, or starch by nitric acid. Also called "Glucaric acid."

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Molecule formed by combination of two smaller (identical) molecules.

Boron Hydrides

Binary compounds of boron and hydrogen.

Amine Complexes

Complex species that contain ammonia molecules bonded to metal ions.


The ability of a substance to become permanently magnetized by exposure to an external magnetic field.

Where is ozone used?

Ozone is widely used in various areas of our life. It is used in medicine, in industry, in everyday life.


The heat content of a specific amount of substance, defined as E= PV.


An oily, slightly water-soluble liquid, C7H6O2, having an almondlike odor: used chiefly in perfumery and in the synthesis of coumarin.


The material in a distillation apparatus that is to be distilled.


Attraction toward a magnetic field, stronger than diamagnetism, but still weak compared to ferromagnetism.

Pairing Energy

Energy required to pair two electrons in the same orbital.